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100% of Our Profits Support Animal Welfare!


This is NOT your average Coffee Shop!

Sipping is believing.
When that first sip of coffee touches your very soul,
you know you've done something good...
something very good indeed my friends!
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Hello, and welcome.
My name's Mike Callahan, Founder of StarBARKS Coffee, and unfortunately, we're all facing a future of uncertainty during these historic times of a World Wide Pandemic.
Many of us are minimizing our travel & exposure by using online shopping.
If we can be part of your shopping routine while providing support for Animal Welfare, I'd call that a win-win situation!
Just because some are stuck at home, there's no reason we can't make the best of it, and start our day with a great cup of StarBarks, the "World's Most Compassionate Coffee"! 
As I've "Journeyed across America " seeking the finest Coffee Roasters in the Nation, I suddenly found myself in Isolation under Lockdown Orders in Arizona.
I spent a few months in Tombstone during the lockdown and found time to dig out some old videos of past visits, and combined them with current conditions.
I hope you find the videos below interesting, and be sure to watch them in full screen mode.
Part of the promotional strategy of this project obviously involves online advertising.
I created the video ad below for the YouTube Channel called Nomadic Fanatic.
I met Eric and Jax as explained in the video below.
He's got a great channel with over 220,000 subscribers involved with travel & the RV lifestyle, and it seemed like a good fit with the camping and RV'ing and all, we'll see what happens!





















The story below of how StarBarks Coffee came to be, involves celebrities Billy West, Rex Trailer, Howard Stern, WBCN Boston's Charles Laquidara, Aerosmith, The Cars, Boston, Joe Cocker, Todd Rundgren, Dianna Ross, Bruce Springsteen, earthquakes, bombings, severed limbs, riots in the streets of Peru, social turmoil, flying cars, and my personal relationships with all of the above.

If you'd prefer to get right down to business and visit our store, please click the button below... I sometimes ramble on, but figured some people might like to know a little bit about who they're dealing with, and what they support.
Thanks for your patience!
This is a a busy site, you might need a cup of coffee to get through it all, so order NOW!
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Please visit our "Sister Site", for videos of our"Journey Across America", visiting & supporting Animal Welfare, Shelters & Sanctuaries.

Join us as we explore the Florida Keys, the Grand Canyon, Tombstone, Redwood Forest, New Orleans, San Francisco, Pismo Beach, Padre Island TX, and everything in between!

This is a compilation video of our "Journey Across America", visiting & supporting Animal Welfare, Shelters & Sanctuaries. 16,000 miles of AWESOME!

It's a bit long, so may I suggest you brew a pot of StarBarks Coffee, relax, & enjoy the video!

We haven't been Everywhere yet... but it's on our List!

Our goal is to share our passion for RV Travel, Animals, and of course...Coffee and (soon) Tea.

Alissa filling water.jpg
Alissa filling water.jpg
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Me at Petrified Forrest.jpg
Alissa in Gates top view R 10_edited.jpg
Ship Docking_edited.jpg
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As a Private Pilot, and volunteer with the New England Aquarium in Boston, and the National Aquarium in Baltimore transporting endangered sea turtles, I've been a long time Animal Welfare Advocate, as seen below in The Boston Herald, and the North Shore Sunday.

Turtle Tales FP_edited.jpg
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1-Turtle hand-off_edited.jpg
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Boston Herald-InTrack.png

My North American Sealcoat business allowed me the freedom to travel during the winter months, so I moved aboard an RV camper full time, and headed cross country seeking the one product almost everyone consumes on a daily basis, and that would be coffee and/or teas.

BBB A+ AWard.png
Angie's List Award.png
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SB Cup Transparent .png
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Thus began my coffee roasting career!


I quickly outgrew my roasting capacity, 

allowing me the freedom to outsource production to those far more experienced and qualified to roast the finest coffees available at any price!

I specialize in micro batches of "Fair Trade", eco friendly coffees, fresh roasted, and shipped to order, and for that reason, delivery time can vary, depending on imports and roasting schedules.

Our most popular Blends usually ship Free within days and we'll keep you updated on delivery times.

As for cost? If you want cheap, visit Amazon... If you want AWESOMENESS and Compassion, that's us!

This is Applebees in Tewksbury, Ma, one of my many happy customers.

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SB Cup Transparent .png
SB Cup Transparent .png

If you enjoy Coffee & Teas, you deserve the very best while supporting a great cause, from someone with a very long, hard earned, and well proven record of excellence in business!

Yes...that would be me! My many FaceBook friends have blessed me with over 10,000 "Likes"!

I've also created an Affiliate Membership Program to generate funds for anyone with a contact list.

Any organization such as animal rescues, shelters, sanctuaries, school fundraisers, Boy/Girl Scout Troops, or simply an individual seeking to generate extra funds for their family can now join and prosper.

Members receive 20% of any sales generated through their affiliate link.

100% of my profits always support animal welfare, and you can do as you wish with yours.

It's sorta like Tupperware, or Mary Kay, without the drama, from anywhere in the world you want to be.

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As an Executive Producer with, I've produced numerous documentaries and shows for National Distribution on the Public Access Television Network.

I was the exclusive Videographer for the first annual New England Cannabis Convention in Boston, producing numerous PSA's and Documentaries focusing on Medicinal Cannabis, and the many benefits of CBD's for cancer patients and critically ill children.

I though it important to know who you're investing in, and why.

I was also published in the Wicked Local Acton, Ma, newspaper regarding the legalization of Cannabis in Massachusetts, for a show I was producing, "The Reefer Madness Show" .

"Acton resident Mike Callahan is putting the spotlight on the possibility of Massachusetts legalizing marijuana during his upcoming show on ActonTV, “The Reefer Madness Show.”

I've featured interviews with the top Medical Professionals in the World, Cancer Patients, and highly respected Scholars, while also producing PSA's (Public Service Announcements) with Law Enforcement & Disabled Veterans.

Other videos I've produced include:

Regardless of where you stand on the issue of Cannabis, solid facts would indicate there's a tremendous medical benefit for many, especially critically ill children, PTSD patients, and so many others that simply can't be ignored, now THAT'S what I'd call a compassionate cause... 

You can now enjoy the World's most Compassionate Coffee, Teas & CBDs while supporting Animal Welfare and the freedom to choose what's best for you.

As an adult, should you chose to consume MJ recreationally & responsibly, that should be your right to decide, not the politicians or the government... just sayin'.

Not ready to buy just yet? 

That's alright, but don't leave empty handed!

Sign up now for our FREE Newsletter/Blog and get the latest Coffee offerings, RV Travel videos, & Animal Welfare updates as we continue our Journey Across America!

We'll share animal related food, products & safety recalls, upcoming Exotic Coffee Roasts, brewing techniques and all the news & info I know you will absolutely love.










Here's some pictures at the Acton TV studios, and some of my Cannabis related videos.

ATV-Grn Scrn.jpg
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SB Cup Transparent .png
SB Cup Transparent .png
ActonTV GS-2.jpg
SB Cup Transparent .png

They have a huge Green Screen wall and floor for adding special effects.

This is the Showcase Stage, and may have a background scene when used.

I'm standing in front of the Green Screen with Pima County Shelter in background.

Vid pics for SB site.jpg
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SB Cup Transparent .png

Working the cameras on the set of our monthly Kid's TV Animal Show.

Kids show dogs.JPG
SB Cup Transparent .png

Dogs on the set of our monthly Kid's TV Animal Show.

Kids aligator.JPG
SB Cup Transparent .png
SB Cup Transparent .png

This is the safe end of an alligator on our Kid's TV Animal Show.

This is a PSA I produced for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) and

This is a PSA I produced with World renowned Harvard Medical School Professor Dr. Leonard Grinspoon.

This is my Cooking with Cannabis episode for making Pot Brownies on my The Reefer Madness Show.

Another interesting story from my past... Billy West.

For those of you who may not know, Billy is the voice-over talent on many of the commercials, animated movies, and cartoons you watch and hear very day.


As the Head of Security at The Cambridge Music Complex, I partnered with Billy in the early 80's, and was responsible for launching his career with my contacts in the entertainment industry.

I got him his first paying gig in a commercial for Kayem Hot Dogs in Boston & introduced a demo tape to Charles Laquadara at WBCN in Boston, where he interned and grew his reputation.

He then moved to NY for the Howard Stern Show, and the rest is History!

I created a company called "StarVoice", marketing

answering machine tapes using Billy's amazing talents.

One of his latest projects is for the Netflix Cartoon 

Network, Disenchantment, doing many voice overs.

His career has taken him to the top of the industry,

and he's done very well for himself.


One year, we went to Lima Peru on a very bizarre vacation, that included Ray Tibano, formerly from the group Aerosmith... I can't believe we made it home alive... earthquakes, riots, bombings, and all sorts of chaos & debauchery were running rampant in the streets of Peru.

I've been involved in the entertainment industry at the highest levels, demonstrating a sound enhancement device used in recording studios that was the best in the world at that time.

Some of our clientele involved Bruce Springsteen, Dianna Ross, Todd Rundgren, The Cars, Boston, Aerosmith, Joe Cocker, and many others. 

On June 13th, 1985 I was assisting a disabled woman in the breakdown lane of Rte. 2 Lexington, and was struck by a car, leaving my left arm 60% severed.

They patched me up at the Lahey Clinic, but it did leave a few scars.


That was the end of that career opportunity for various reasons...bummer!


Enough about me, you're the important one here, what can I do for you?


I hope I've earned your trust with my proof of accomplishments, integrity, and quest for perfection in everything I do.

If you'd like to enjoy the finest quality Coffees and Teas available on this Planet Earth, while knowing you are a totally AWESOME person for supporting Animal Welfare... this is what you need to do next!

Check out our products, place your order, and sit back and relax with the knowledge you've just done something amazing, my friends, and we'll keep you informed on expected delivery dates.

Thank you for drinking responsibly.


As always, 100% of our profits are dedicated to the support and promotion of animal welfare.

Billy West.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 1.19.02 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 1.17.33 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 1.16.33 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 1.18.41 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-18 at 1.17.54 PM.png
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OK, here's one last story from my past...I figured if you've read this far, one more won't kill ya!

For any Baby Boomers from the New England area, you may remember the kid's TV Show, Rex Trailer's Boomtown, or the recent Terrafugia flying car?

Me and Rex used to fly out of Beverly to Nantucket & Martha's Vineyard for lunch or dinner on a regular basis, and one day, my customer, the CFO for Terrafugia, asked if we would like to come to a company cook-out to preview the flying car prototype.

The photos below are from that cookout.


This is me & Rex sitting in the Terrafugia Cockpit.


Side view of the fuselage.


The tail section.


Me & my brother Wayne at Rex Trailer's home in Sudbury Ma.


Notice the incredible Seal Coating job on this driveway!

Yup, I did that!

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